Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Home Karaoke System – Buyer Guide

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Home Karaoke System

Singstrix is one of the top karaoke system providers available in the market. They are famous for their amazing quality and latest technology in karaoke devices which brings them to top. Singstrix includes different karaoke devices, each having its own features and Pros And Cons. Today we are here to discuss the most prominent and Pro edition Singstrix Karaoke “The Singstrix Party Bundle Premium Karaoke

Singstrix Party Bundle is Best Karaoke Machine available in the market that has been used by professional singer and has been featured on Hit Musical Shows Like SharkTank, Ellen, The View, Today Show. 

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Home Karaoke System

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Karaoke System Review:

Singstrix Party Bundle is an All in One Karaoke System which is fully automatic and plug and play system. It is specially designed for professional singers, it’s auto audio balance system and special echo and reverberation effects can make even a bad singer Sounds Good.

Key Features:

Some highlighting features of the system are as following:

  • Fully Automatic and Plug And Play System powered by live vocal effects technology.
  • Include 300 different system effects which eventually cover almost all genre and generations of music. It also includes 3 level which ranges from beginners to pro.
  • Auto Audio Balance with automatic pitch corrector echo balance.
  • Includes Built-In microphone with one touch features. The microphone is digital and can be used to control harmonies and other effects with a few touches.
  • Compatible with Youtube Karaoke Music, Mp3 music and other music apps from different devices
  • Include options for Bluetooth connectivity with different devices.
  • Include Plugins For Guitar And Keyword.
  • Build-In Monitor for watching lyrics and video.
  • 40-watt 2.1 Stereo Speakers that can break the glasses with its high echo and bass.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Karaoke System Material:

1- Microphone: Built-In Custom Microphone with single hit control features. Also, offers an additional microphone. There are 2 microphone holders available on the stand.

2- Speakers: Special 40-watt 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer that is specially developed for huge music festival and concerts. It do include options for absorption of noises balancing echo providing bass and many more. 

3- Monitor: Built-In digital monitor to control and display lyrics and videos from youtube.

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